Treatments to Help Restore Lost Hair
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Hair Restoration through Trichology

(Growth Clinic)

Learn how medications and unknown medical symptoms can cause hair loss.  Experience our holistic treatments to promote hair growth.

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All growth clinic treatments are done in private

The Trichology Department of Blue Sage Hair Wellness is dedicated to providing a thorough consultation to educate clients about their hair loss.  Our Growth Clinic serves as a restoration center to provide scientific treatments to promote hair growth.  We take pride in providing confidential hair loss services in private areas within our restoration center.

Trichology Before and After

The Consultation

Every new client at Blue Sage Hair Wellness has a Consultation prior to their first appointment.  First, the client will fill out our Consultation Form.  The form consists of questions about the client’s hair history (chemical services including color and perms or relaxers) and other lifestyle questions about medication, stress level etc.  These questions help the stylist gain a deeper understanding of the client and their hair. Then the stylist will examine her clients’ scalp and give the client an opportunity to discuss any hair issues they may have.  The stylist will at that time recommend the appropriate hairstyle, products, frequency of appointments, and treatment options for their client, based on their interests and goals they have for their hair.